Our Dance Family Values

Our Dance Family Values


As a small business it is important to determine what makes us unique and what truly matters most to us. At Impulse Performing Arts we have 5 values which clearly outline who we are and our principles.

#1 Friendship – We believe in helping and enabling people to connect and make friends through dance. By providing the opportunity for likeminded people to come together it will help lifelong friendships to be created.

#2 Quality – We are committed to providing high quality dance and performing arts education. Providing high quality education will help our students to reach their full potential.

#3 Family – We provide a fun and safe learning environment with a family friendly atmosphere. We welcome all dance lovers of all ages to come along and enjoy our classes.

#4 Community – We are committed to making a positive difference and to help our local community grow. We also aim to work in collaboration and form healthy relationships with other local small businesses.

#5 Fun – Our students will not only learn a lot but will have lots of fun in our classes. We aim to put a smile on everybody’s face, including our students, parents and guardians.