Classical ballet is the foundation of technique and provides an excellent grounding for all other dance styles. Ballet is a graceful classical dance form which creates expression through movement. By taking ballet classes, your child will improve their posture, balance, turn out, flexibility and muscular strength.


Jazz is a combination of basic techniques of ballet and more modern steps from pop dancing and broadway. It is an upbeat, stylish and versatile dance form which is fun and energetic. By taking jazz classes, your child will improve their coordination, flexibility, muscular strength and endurance.


Hip-hop is derived from an urban and street style of movements and is generally performed to funky, upbeat and modern music. This dance form consist of fast and athletic movement with popping and locking. Hip-hop has become extremely popular and is often seen in commercials, concerts and movies. Our hip-hop classes at Impulse Performing Arts are very fun and energetic and are very enjoyable for all students of all ages and abilities.