Mini Movers

The Mini Movers class is a unique dance class specially designed by Miss Emily for dancers of three to five years of age. Students will learn the basics of Ballet and Jazz whilst they explore creative movement, music, mine and storytelling through imaginary activities. By enrolling your child in our Mini Movers class they will improve their coordination, musicality, rhythm, self-esteem and confidence. This class is structured around a nine to ten week term which incorporates a new imaginative theme each term with different songs, props and learning outcomes. All students enrolled in our Mini Movers class will receive their own sticker chart and a certificate each term which highlights the student’s achievements that they proudly take home to show their family.


Classical ballet is the foundation of technique and provides an excellent grounding for all other dance styles. Ballet is a graceful classical dance form which creates expression through movement. By taking ballet classes, your child will improve their posture, balance, turn out, flexibility and muscular strength.


Modern is a fun combination class including Lyrical and Contemporary. Modern is a very popular and creative dance form due to its versatility of movements. In our Modern class students will learn a great range of movements and how to tell a story through dance.


JFH is a fun combination class including Jazz, Funk and Hip-Hop. Modern dance styles such as Jazz and Hip-Hop have become extremely popular and are often seen in commercials and film-clips. In our JFH classes students will learn the most current dance moves to funky, upbeat and modern music.