JFH is a fun combination class including Jazz, Funk and Hip-Hop. Modern dance styles such as Jazz and Hip-Hop have become extremely popular and are often seen in commercials and film-clips. In our JFH classes students will learn the most current dance moves to funky, upbeat and modern music.


Modern is a fun combination class including Lyrical and Contemporary. Modern is a very popular and creative dance form due to its versatility of movements. In our Modern class students will learn a great range of movements and how to tell a story through dance.

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre is a fun and energetic class incorporating singing, acting and theatre. In this class students will learn how to sing and act in different group activities, whilst also learning theatre terminology. This class is perfect for students who wish to learn more about musical theatre and for dancers who wish to become a ‘triple threat’ performer. By taking Musical Theatre classes, your child will develop confidence whilst improving their speaking, acting and singing skills.

Why Choose A Recreational Class at Impulse?

Passionate & Qualified Teacher: Miss Emily is a passionate teacher who loves what she does. She holds a CSTD Teachers Diploma and has a current Blue Card and First Aid Certificate. 

Non-Competitive Classes: Our recreational classes are fun and non-competitive. Perfect for students who want to attend purely for fun and fitness, without the pressure of exams and competitions.

No Uniforms: We do not have a compulsory uniform for our recreational classes, however we do encourage students to wear something they feel comfortable wearing and is easy to dance in.

Small Class Sizes: We keep our class sizes small to ensure each student is receiving the individual attention they need from the teacher. 

Affordable Tuition: We offer affordable tuition for our recreational classes, with no hidden cost for uniforms and other extras.

Small Recital: We keep our end of year recital small and casual with no expensive costumes and fancy makeup. Making the experience more fun and stress free for students and parents.